Astracrux is able to connect our clients with worldwide players in the pharmaceutical industry as we have the expertise to evaluate and propose the most suitable opportunities for clients from both ends of buying and supplying. 

Upon the connection with worldwide and Asian pharmaceutical and biotech companies, AstraCrux provides product development strategy consultation and builds up your best positioning with specific partners for your product pipelines.

Our service items are provided as follows:

Partner Connecting 

  • License-in / License-out, includinge pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare, food supplements and cosmetic products.

  • Partner Search and Identification

  • Business Initiation and Connecting

Business Consultation 

  • Product Development Strategy Consultation 

  • Business Discussion Facilitations

  • Negotiation Supports

Market Evaluations 

  • Market Assessment 

  • Valuation Analysis  

  • Business Proposal

Skill Development Programs 

  • Coaching 

  • On-job training 

  • Presentation skill workshop