Beijing, China, April 29, 2022 – Beijing 360CQA Medical Research Co. Ltd. (北京鼎晖思创医药研究有限公司) partners with Taipei-based AstraCrux Clinical Trial and Consulting Inc.


360CQA, a Leading Independent Clinical trial QA Consulting in China, headquartered in Beijing, today announced a partnership with Taipei-based AstraCrux Clinical Trial and Consulting Inc., who specialize in clinical trial agreements, legal risk management and medical science consulting. Both companies are excited about the partnership because of its complementary nature that will enhance the services being provided to the clinical trial community in the Asia-Pacific region. 


Since the conduct of GCP audits is becoming an increasingly challenging process, owing to the complexity of clinical trials and the location of investigational sites. Although many sponsors reside in Europe, USA, and other regions, some of their investigational sites are in China. Auditors are challenged with physically reaching the investigator sites, yet they also have to deal with the diverse cultures they encounter. 360CQA has a global view and China-based experienced staff. Not only does this help with language and cultural barriers, but also the travel time and cost for the conduct of these audits. These capabilities of execution with international-standard of quality and resourcing making it an ideal partner for AstraCrux. “It is an opportunity not to be missed, and we want to fully leverage this relationship to help us bring only the best services to our clients”, said Linda Hsu, CEO of AstraCrux.


About 360CQA

360CQA was set up in 2013 provides a full range of independent GCP, GVP, GCLP Quality Assurance, and Quality Management services globally that has consistently delivered international standard services to the pharmaceutical industry globally for over 9 years. 360CQA has conducted thousands of GxP audits in over 12 countries for more than 350 international and China-based clients. 360CQA is committed to providing all our clients with the highest level of service in every country. With offices located in 5 cities in China and 1 in Singapore, 360CQA ensures each staff operates the same consistently high standards on all processes, SOPs, and systems (whether 360CQA or client-based). All deliverables undergo a two-tier quality peer review internally before release. 360CQA’s clients only receive the highest consistency and quality of deliverables. 

360CQA’s core capabilities and expertise are: independent Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Management System (QMS) auditing and consulting worldwide, with services include all aspects of:

Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP), Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GcLP), Quality Management System (QMS) Consulting and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development. 360CQA website:


About AstraCrux Clinical Trial and Consulting Inc.

AstraCrux is a clinical trial consulting company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. AstraCrux assists pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to find solutions to legal obstacles involved in running clinical trials, as well as providing legal risk management services, which help companies avoid unforeseen costs and loss of income caused by legal uncertainty. AstraCrux also offers medical science consulting, including product development strategies and clinical trial planning and design. AstraCrux website:



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