As of May 2018, AstraCrux Clinical Trial and Consulting Inc. and CTA Focus have entered into a strategic alliance that will allow both companies to increase their geographic coverage of clinical trial services. 

AstraCrux Clinical Trial and Consulting Inc., a Taiwan based company specializing in clinical trial negotiations, as well as providing medical science consulting, including product development strategies and clinical trial planning and design, has teamed up with Clinical Trial Agreements Focus (CTA Focus), a Romanian based company with global clinical research services.

This international strategic alliance, which has been concluded on 15th of May 2018, provides AstraCrux with the means to extend its clinical trial negotiation and budget negotiation services to the European and North American markets. CTA Focus, on the other hand, will be able to provide identical services in Asia, the increasingly preferred destination for clinical trials, covering among others, the Greater China region, Japan, South Korea, majority of countries in SEA, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Asia’s clinical trial industry is in a state of permanent growth due to factors such as highly skilled investigators, robust clinical infrastructure, faster time to recruit patients and cost efficiencies. AstraCrux is excited about being able to assist CTA Focus, as it becomes one of the first foreign clinical trial negotiation companies to enter the market in the Asia-Pacific region, while at the same time gaining support from CTA Focus to extend its services to other parts of the world. 

The alliance is an expression of the global approach of both parties in the area of services in the pharmaceutical industry, including medical science consulting, research contracts negotiation, and will extend into covering further legal services in the pharmaceutical area.

The two companies are very glad as this strategic alliance will improve global clinical trials efficiency and change lives of many patients in the forthcoming years.

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